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We have incorporated the latest security technology to ensure a safe transfer of information over the internet.
Besides maintaining the confidentiality of your internet banking ID and internet banking password, you should take the following
* DO NOT reveal your ID and password to anyone, write down or use it where someone else can see
* DO NOT use easily recognized numbers such as your telephone etc. as your password.
* REMEMBER TO LOG OUT of the system and close your browser whenever you leave your computer, even for a short while.
* Change your password IMMEDIATELY, using the Change of Password service, if you suspect it has been revealed.
* Kindly call us on +233302216000 or send an email to ibanksupport@cbg.com.gh
If you suspect there are unauthorized transactions on your account, please report by calling us on +233302216000 or send an email to ibanksupport@cbg.com.gh

If you suspect they are due to lost/stolen password, please call our phone banking to terminate the password immediately.

You may want to take note of your last log-in date and time, as indicated on the Homepage, each time you log-in to the service.
We strongly recommend you not to conduct your Internet banking transactions on such PCs unless you are sure that it is safe to do so.

Please clear browser cache after each session so that your account information is removed from such PCs.
a) Do not choose a password that is easily identifiable such as your personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information etc.
b) Avoid using sequential numbers (such as 123456) or same number more than twice (such as 123226) for your password.
c) Your password must be kept confidential at all times and not be divulged to anyone. Do not reveal your password to anyone.
d) Your password must be memorized and not be recorded anywhere. Do not write down your password or use it where someone can see.
e) Change your password immediately if you suspect it has been revealed.
f) Change your password regularly. You can change your password anytime using the ‘Change of Password' icon.

About the Service

It is a fast, safe and convenient way to manage your accounts whenever and wherever with Internet access.
It's safe and easy.
It's fast and convenient
It's available 24 hours a day, 7days a week.
It's worldwide access. So long as you are able to access the internet with the recommended internet browser
Wide range of services.
There is no extra charge for using this service. However, normal product fees and charges continue to apply.
You will be able to perform the following with your Internet Banking:

Account Services
* Check your account balance
* View Transaction details
* Download/Print your Monthly statement
* Request for a new ATM Pin
* Block your ATM Card
* Request for Cheque book
* Stop cheque.

1. To CGB Accounts – transfer to a CGB account.
2. Instant pay - transfer of funds to another bank's customer instantly.
3. 2days (ACH) - transfer of funds to another bank's customer where funds will be received within two business days.
4. International - transfer of funds to any bank account outside Ghana.
5. Money Voucher - sending money to a non CGB or CGB customer and to be withdrawn from any CGB ATM without an ATM Card using the Cardless service.

In addition to:
* Exchange rates
* Bill Payments(DSTV/GoTV, Surfline, ECG Postpaid)
* Airtime Top-Up
* Standing order